Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Catching up in the Summertime!!


Well, it’s been a few months and so we are overdue for an update.  First of all, I am going to start by talking about Melissa (since I know she won’t).  Lately she has been able to get back into Pole Vaulting.  She isn’t able to practice or train as much as she’d like but she goes once in a while and there was an open collegiate meet here in Tucson which she participated in.  She finished in the middle of the pack but for her first meet in 5+ years and after 2 kids, I was very impressed.  I’ve never seen her vault until she got back into it but I love watching her and she definitely still has the competitive fire!!!Over

Back in March Austin and I went on a campout while Melissa and Cody visited some family.  We had a great time at Picacho Peak!!  Here are a few pics!


IMG_3204He was very excited for the campfire and we were also able to go on a couple hikes.  He really seemed to enjoy it – I hope he continues to enjoy the outdoors and camping so we can go often.  On the way to camping, and on the way back, we stopped at the Ostrich Farm – Austin absolutely loved it and I was impressed at how brave he was around all the animals – I think the Ostrich Farm is a great stop for anyone driving by!


Next up is Cody’s 1st birthday (I can’t find the pics right now so I’ll post that later and continue catching up!) 


angela said...

Fun pictures! Can't wait to see you guys next week!!

Makenzie Iorg said...

Wow Melissa! I can't believe you're pole vaulting again. That's awesome. I'm too afraid to try it now. Isn't it funny how being a mom changes you?

Moeller Family said...

Way to go athlete Melissa! We miss you guys! :)