Saturday, March 27, 2010

Introducing Cody Christopher Mauler!!!

We wanted to introduce our newest family member, Cody Christopher Mauler, who was born on March 25th at 12:24 AM.  He weighed 8 lbs. 7 oz. and was 20 1/4” long.  As you can see he has a lot of dark hair.  I know the most important thing is pictures so I’ll keep the narrative short.

Here is Melissa right before going into the hospital.


Here is the first picture of Cody!


He opened his eyes soon after..


Here are Cody’s proud parents..


Here’s Cody’s head of hair..


Austin got to meet Cody (he calls him “Deko”)


Melissa’s parents and brother Landon were in town and met him..



Then Steve got our first ever family picture with the four of us (with all eyes on our new baby)..


I’ll try to get more info up soon but mom and baby are doing well and we are so thrilled to have Cody join our family!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Daddy and son, so much fun!

I love it when my handsome boys are all dressed up on Sundays. They look SO good!

And me and my other boy-on-the-way still try to dress up even though not much fits anymore...
You know how sometimes you wonder what your child will be like when they grow up? Well, I usually think about which sports or instruments or technology he might get into it. However, Landon thinks of important things, like, maybe he'll be a prophet or just really, really righteous. Which is why I shouldn't have been too surprised to come home and find Landon taking these pictures of Austin...then we can show that Austin was interested at an early age because it's not like we made him pose like that.  Mmhmm...       ;)    

(OK, so he got the piano too)

Landon is such a good dad. He goes out of his way to make things fun for Austin-
-even when Austin isn't interested for more than few seconds as you can see. Love it!
 But Austin absolutely loves Dad and asks for him every morning although he's usually already gone for school.  Austin wants Dad to get him out of his bed.  He really doesn't have a choice at that point and once he realizes that there's no other way, he eventually lets me get him out.