Sunday, October 26, 2008

So around Austin's one month mark, we decided to attempt family pictures at the playground. There's Landon doing "The Heisman"!

The other weekend our wonderful friends, Kade and Carlie, invited us to go camping with them up at Mount Lemmon. We went up in the afternoon and were the first ones there so we had a little family hike. It was so much fun to be up in the beautiful outdoors!! We stayed long enough to enjoy chatting around the bonfire for a while and then headed back home to hit the sack at our baby-friendly apartment.

I decided to weigh Austin at his 6-week mark. On the scale at the hospital, naked mind you, he was 14 pounds, 13 ounces! That's 5 pounds in 6 weeks! A solid, healthy boy for ya. We have so much fun with him. This past week or so, he has started recognizing objects and movement more, he has smiled at us, and even giggled, and is starting to get a bit more bubbly/drooly at the mouth. SO much fun! By the way, I just remembered that people can make comments at the bottom of our postings (you can tell how often I blog) and I have just discovered all these nice notes from my wonderful friends, so thank you and sorry if I haven't responded!