Saturday, January 23, 2010

December Snow and Palm Trees

We had a great December.  Austin is having fun feeding himself and is always so much fun…

IMG_1622  IMG_1624 IMG_1642 IMG_1645

We went to the Mesa temple last month and randomly ran into my sweet Aunt Robin, got to see a bell choir perform at the visitor’s center, and enjoyed the fun palm tree Christmas lights!

IMG_1636 IMG_1640

We spent Christmas in Colorado. We got to go sledding, bowling, make gingerbread houses (some of which were very creative), play volleyball, play games, and all get each other sick with a nasty case of the stomach flu, except Austin, Landon, and my mother…they have tough immune systems I guess. We had to quarantine ourselves to prevent it from spreading (as we later found out that I got Annette sick when we visited her and Justin before I even knew I was sick! Sad)




Austin loved being out in the snow!








I still need to make a stocking for Austin! (This was a purchase years ago from the dollar store that I was going to use to wrap a present)












Don’t know how visible it is, but Trent’s house in the middle has a water wheel/mill (?) thing in the river…pretty clever.





My mom and dad were ANGELS to have all 22 of us there in their comfy home and to put up with all the busy, crazy, fun days!!