Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I love the sunsets here and being able to look and see palm trees and mountains at the same time. It's nice to have them so close. The main difference is that they have cacti scattered on them, rather than pine trees.
The other day Landon and I took a morning hike in Catalina State Park to see more of the Tucson terrain. We started the trail, which curved to the right to find a wide shallow river only 30 yards into our hike that we got to cross to stay on the trail. That was more water than I expected. I went barefoot and Landon didn't mind having wet feet for our short trip. We found some "pools" that didn't have the nice fresh mountain water I'm used to. Both the running water and pools were an interesting yellow-brown color. Hmmm.
Landon had fun climbing a giant cactus. Apparently, it can take 75 years for a cactus to grow an 'arm' and if you buy a permit to move it from where it originally stands, you have to face it the right direction or it will die.