Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our new logo

We will forever be loyal BYU fans but this is the logo we will be seeing most frequently.

PhD School---here we come!!

Sorry we've been bad at keeping more up to date. I applied to 5 PhD programs and the first one that contacted me was Arizona. I flew out at the end of January and was very impressed with the faculty, the campus, and the other students (not to mention the 60+ degree weather!). After considering my other options, Melissa and I came to the conclusion that Arizona was the perfect fit for my professional goals as well as for us and our future family. Therefore, today I confirmed my acceptance at Arizona. We are excited for this opportunity and we are glad to know where we will be the next 4 years. We are trying to not think about the extremely warm summers, the monsoon season, and the scorpions but instead think about the 75 degree days in January and February, the year-round golf and swimming season, and the cactus and palm trees which will be the most common landscape around. We will fill you in on details, such as when we will leave Utah, but again, are grateful a school thinks they can help Landon get a doctorate degree and he hopes he isn't in over his head. (And we might even pick up on some Spanish--que bien!!)