Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Catch up time

Sorry it has been a couple months since our last post -- we've talked about catching up for a while but I'm finally going to try and get it done. Life has been great for our family the past couple months. Austin is growing quickly and learning new skills constantly. He's started to crawl in the past couple weeks and he is so much fun. Melissa finished one soccer season and has started another one. I finished my semester and am busy studying for preliminary exams (they cover the first year and must be passed before continuing in the program). After the exams, we are hoping to have a fun summer. I am going to post a slew of pictures with brief descriptions -- we have had fun going on family hikes, camping out, going to the zoo, and swimming. The weather is very warm now (almost always at least in the 90s) here in Oro Valley. Anyway, I'll see how many pictures I can post -- here goes (starting with the oldest ones)!
My roommate (also an Austin) and his family came to visit so we had to get the two Austins together!!
We got a jumper for Austin and he loves it! However, sometimes he just tuckers himself out (the funny part was, when we tried to get him out, he'd start jumping, but the second we left him in, he fell back asleep).

We went to the Tucson Zoo and had a great time. Austin wanted a little more excitement though and so we let him ride an elephant!

Melissa has been loving the opportunity to play soccer. She is known as one of the fastest players on the team and she does a great job and is fun to watch.

Austin seems very mature for his age so I figured it was time to teach him how to drive. He is learning very quickly (he only scares me when he takes his eyes off the road for a picture!!).

We went hiking at Catalina State Park and hiked up to Romero Pools. It was a very fun hike and we had a great time!

Austin is a great hiker and he loves the outdoors. Whenever he is outside, he is so happy!!

A few weeks ago we went camping at Picacho Peak and it was Austin's first campout! He did wonderful and loved being in the tent, having a campfire, and just being in a new environment!

Here we are ready for our hike -- in the distance you can see Picacho Peak which is our goal!

The hike was so much fun -- it was really pretty and challenging -- there were some steep parts with cables but we just took our time, were careful, and it was a great time!

Here we are at the summit!!

Austin enjoys being in the pool (which is wonderful because we will be spending A LOT of time there during the summer).

I have a new calling in church which requires me to think about hometeaching assignments. Austin had some great ideas so he was helping me out the other night -- what a good kid!!

Again, overall we are doing wonderful -- we'll try to be better about updating our blog this summer!! Hope all is well for everyone