Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well, the past few weeks have been very busy, but fun. I have wrapped up my summer assignments and begin classes on Tuesday. Melissa finished her summer job(s) and so now she is able to focus entirely on preparing for our new baby! On August 17th, we celebrated our 1-year anniversary (THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE) and so we went to Phoenix for the weekend. We went to the Mesa Temple, went boating on Saguaro Lake, and ate out--it wasn't long but was a very fun trip (see pictures above). Melissa had her first P.F. Chang's experience and it was good and she is amazing at boating--she's quite the natural sea-captain! Melissa is now well over 37 weeks and so is considered 'full term.' We are rooting for the baby to come early because we have received news our baby could be abnormally large. The ultrasound last week showed the baby weighing 9 lbs. (with almost 3 weeks until the official due date). I think childbirth always sounds painful but the thought of Melissa having a 10-lb. baby makes me think "Jr." should come early, for her sake. "He-r-she" is in charge though, so we are simply waiting and trying to get even more prepared for the big day. Attached is a picture of Melissa at 37+ weeks -- she's sure going to miss her moving, built-in shelf! Anyway, life is great here in Oro Valley and we will hope our next entry shows our new arrival.
Take care,
The Tucson Maulers