Thursday, January 3, 2008

First pictures!!!

This first pictures is of Halloween --me as a nerd (not to hard to pull off) and Melissa as a gorgeous Pippi Longstocking!!

In November, Melissa and I participated in a triathlon--it was Melissa's first one and she was AMAZING!!!

Starting our first family blog!

Happy New Year--exciting to think of what 2008 could hold in store!!! In an attempt to be more social and to keep others informed on our exciting lives, we are attempting a feat which neither of us have any experience with--blogging. As we start this blog, and 2008, Melissa and I (on January 3rd) are enjoying our 139th day being married!! WOW--the last 139 days have been the most amazing EVER! Melissa is currently employed at the law firm of Flickinger and Sutterfield and she is employed as the world's most amazing (and beautiful) secretary. I'm a little behind Melissa (she graduated from BYU in Dec. 2006) and so I will graduate (barring a semester long apathy attack) in April with both a Bachelors and a Master's in Accounting. I am not ready to be done with school though, so I am in the process of applying to PhD schools and hope to hear back from them in the next couple months so I know where our family will reside for the next 4-5 years. Enough background, I should know that those of you reading this blog already know about everything I've written. I would like to write a disclaimer--I am an accountant and so my blog entries may be boring. However, my wonderful wife is much more exciting (for example, she was a very successful collegiate pole vaulter--only amazing people can pole vault over 13 feet, let alone even want to try) and so hopefully her entries will save this blog from the incredible monotony that would exist without her! Well, I'm signing out on our first entry--hope this works and we will try to update this frequently! Take care!