Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where did the summer go? (Part 1)

I know we say this at the beginning of every post but we really are sorry we haven't been more prompt in our blog posts! While restrained on time (I'm taking a little break from a review paper I am writing) I will try to give some high-level highlights of the past few months with some pictures and then later when/if we have more time, we'll fill in more details. At the beginning of June, I took my first-year exams and passed which means the U of A will let me stay in the program!! We then took a family vacation to CO and UT to visit our families. First, I'll add some pictures from our time in Colorado.

First, Austin with Grandpa Dyer.

Then Austin with Grandma Dyer.
Then with Grandpa Mauler.Then with Grandma Mauler

Then with Nanny.

Last, but not least, we were able to see Grandma New on our drive from Colorado to Utah.

We never get to see the grandparents enough but we loved the time we had with them all.

While we were there we went to a community festival-activity-fair thing which was really fun. One of the highlights was that they had pony rides and so Austin had his first horse ride and he was a great cowboy!
Here's a picture that is included just because I think we got quite the handsome boy and I like to show him off!! (Isn't that my job as a parent?)

One of the other benefits of going to Colorado was getting to see Justin (now Elder) Dyer before he left for the Phoenix Arizona Mission. It was fun to see him and we know he's going to be a great missionary!

We also got to see Justin (Mauler) and his family for part of a day -- we had a great time with them (what a good lookin' bunch).

We had a great time in Colorado and loved seeing so many relatives and friends!! We went biking, played frisbee golf, went bowling, played Wallyball, and had a wonderful time. On our drive to Utah, we stopped by Glenwood Springs to swim (Melissa and Austin had never been there so they had to experience it). We had a great time and Austin loved the break from the car and the chance to swim.

I better get back to work so this is just part 1 -- I'll get to the rest of our trip and summer shortly!