Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Boys Are Fun

I have such a great time with my boys, all THREE. Here are some reasons why…
1. They like to wrestle. I attempted to catch a picture of the two little guys together because they sort of matched…
So I asked Austin if he could sit still just a little longer so I can get both of them not moving…but, same results every time.
And I’m pretty sure it doesn’t change when you get older. I don’t have the picture on here of Landon wrestling his dad and brother but there was some serious competition going on.

2. They keep things simple, no stress.   Landon and Austin were so sweet to make me a birthday cake. Since Landon could not find our birthday candles, they went with the massive emergency candles. Love it! Landon also sent me on a fun scavenger hunt for some awesome birthday coupons.

3. They love being in just the unders (diapers in this case--I’ll let Landon speak for himself). They were having so much fun in their train tent that I tried to sneak a picture and video, but Cody saw me too soon, and he’s quick!

4. Out is in.  Clothes out of drawers, dishes out of cabinets, food out of the pantry, books off the shelf, pillows and couch cushions into a giant pillow pile, obstacle courses, you name it. Things out of place are fun. (This one probably doesn’t apply to Landon either unless you count wearing socks with sandals—he can make anything look good. I mean it. I love you Landon).

5. Projects are fun.  Landon likes to think of projects to do where Austin can help. Austin got a new little fire truck bed so it was time to take down a crib. Austin LOVES helping Daddy with anything, especially if it means using a screwdriver or tools.

6. They love the outdoors. We’ve gone on quite a few fun runs, hikes, and campouts as a family. Austin likes to go on many bug hunts and he picks up any type…slugs included. Austin also enjoys watering the bushes and trees surrounding the apartments.  I’m not sure why he likes wearing mittens so much when it’s so nice and warm here :)

7. Dirt don’t hurt. (Cody was loving it despite the look I caught on film)
IMG_3048 Cody in mud

8. They help each other out.

9. They make me smile.


And now it seems like I should have ten things on my list, but I know most boys don’t care and I wasn’t trying to plan this out anyway…so that’s that. Boys are boys and I love ‘em how they come!


MTMcGee said...

I agree, boys are fun!! They sure do keep us on our toes. You have some pretty handsome boys.

Arianne said...

Fun to see an update! Your boys are super adorable. you look great too! As always. Hope all is well. Love ya!

angela said...

amen sister!

Moeller Family said...

I love that post! Boys are the best- we agree. :) Precious stuff!!

Trina said...

They look like they are the best buddies ever! So fun! My oldest two are such good friends (almost all of the time) the have so much dressing up and dancing and playing house and they're so much fun! Natalie is really starting to join in on the fun! Since she can walk now, she's pretty good at keeping up with them.
Great pictures! It looks so nice and warm there!

Makenzie Iorg said...

It's so fun having 2 kids huh? Especially when your boys are so adorable. Miss you!

alamoreaux said...

your family is sooo cute. Boys are fun :)